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Pranav Sanghavi
January 2021


This website is a brief compilation of details about the author. I direct the reader to pertinent information. This is an eternal work in progress


Hello! I am Pranav Sanghavi, I am a postdoctoral associate at Yale University, Department of Physics. I am working with Dr. Laura Newburgh on the Candian Hydrogen Instensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) project. I earned by Ph.D. from West Virginia University where I built an interferometric array (See Figure 2 and 3) to localize fast radio bursts (FRBs) to submilliarcsecond precision using very long baseline interferometry (VLBI).

Pranav, cool guy.
Figure 1: Pranav Sanghavi, cool person.

Research Interests

  1. Radio Astronomy
  2. Instrumentation
  3. Fast Radio Bursts
  4. Very Large Baseline Interferometry (VLBI)
  5. Cosmology
TONE: Array of radio telescope dishes
Figure 2: TONE: A 6m parabolic dish array at the Green Bank Observatory.
TONE: Array of radio telescope dishes
Figure 3: TONE: A 6m parabolic dish array at Green Bank Observatory with the Green Bank Telescope in the background.

Curriculum Vitae

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When not building radio telescopes and crunching data, one can find me making music and painting. I enjoy long walks and consuming copious amounts of all art and books. I am an avid home cook who occasionally cooks specials as a guest chef at a local restaurant for fun!

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